Benefits of music lessons for kids

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Besides the enjoyment kids get from learning an instrument there are some proven benefits that come along with taking the music lessons.

  • Self esteem. Children love a sense of achievement, with music there are many milestones along the way. The first note, first chord, first melody, first song are all tings that come relatively early in the musical journey. When a child takes each step along the way you will see a sense of pride, satisfaction and self worth improve.
  • Academic strength. There have been many studies around the world that have shown children who study music do better academically. Studies have also suggested studying music can improve a child’s IQ.
  • Social skills. Playing music, especially with others helps develop skills such as patience, tolerance, negotiation and working to a common goal.
  • Improved coordination. Learning an instrument is about using your body to create a result, it requires a child to use and move their body in a ways they may not have before.
  • Discipline. Music teaches a child that focus and work will lead to fulfilling goals. Having the right teacher for your child means they will always have goals and achievements to keep them motivated.
  • Language skills. The skills developed from learning how to recognize and create new sounds and rhythms are very closely related to those when leaning a new language.
  • Outlet. Music has always been used as an emotional outlet. Through playing and writing music a child is given a way to express themselves. This can be very beneficial for the mental and emotional health.