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Ana Moir

Ana Moir is a long stay vocal teacher here at Maxx Music.  She first started getting formal vocal lessons when she was fifteen and has been passionate about it ever since. She did a Bmus in Contemporary Performance at the Australian Institute of Music and became really interested in song writing and performance. She has toured Australia with her band Hurst that was started in 2014, receiving airplay on Triple J and Triple M, and has released several EPs. Ana approaches her lessons with her cross of skill and humour, and she is passionate in making sure that her students get to the highest level they can reach.

Caleb Kao

Caleb is one of our woodwind tutors here at Maxx Music Castle Hill. A very accomplished musician, he has been playing Saxophone and Oboe for about fifteen years, and has a wide range of musical tastes, from classical to pop. Caleb has a wealth of AMEB experience, from doing exams himself to guiding his students through it; seeing students succeed in AMEB exams is one of Caleb’s favourite things as a teacher. Caleb also enjoys striking up a rapport with his students, and keeping a line of communication very clearly established.

Dean Alic

Dean is a new guitar teacher at Maxx, but an experienced guitarist with a wealth of experience that includes completing a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music. He also fronts his own original band and has experience in writing his own songs, which he often shares with his students. Dean has been playing guitar for about ten years, and has ventured into many different genres like rock, blues, pop, folk and jazz. Dean has a very positive attitude towards teaching and thinks that the best thing about teaching is being able to inspire his students. He finds it very rewarding as a teacher when his students learn something that he showed them.

Jacob Douglas

Jacob has been teaching at Maxx for a few years now and is an experienced drummer, who regularly gigs with various bands, from his own band The Fossicks to playing weddings and tribute shows. He regularly enjoys lots of genres of music but his favourites are funk and rock, and he regularly shares his love of these with his students. One of the things that Jacob really likes about teaching is give people the tools to create and express their ideas. With his performance experience, Jacob structures his lessons so his student can grow their confidence at the same time they grow their musical ability, and then express their ideas on the drums.

Joe Macrae

Joe is our main bass teacher here at Maxx Music Castle Hill. Having been playing bass and guitar for a decade, he has excelled at music with top marks in his HSC and graduating with a Bachelor of Music from AIM in 2016. Currently doing a Master’s of Music at AIM, he has played gigs all around Australia with local bands and international touring artists. Joe has a love of music theory and how it relates to music as a whole, and he instils that in his students. He also loves seeing students develop a sense of fulfilment as they grow in their musical ability, and realising what they can achieve.

Katie Zammit

Katie Zammit is one of our multi-talented teachers; she teaches flute, piano and singing. She has been playing flute for 14 years, and also singing and playing piano professionally. One of Katie’s strengths is her wide range of music interests, everything from Jazz and Opera to Metal. Her performance experiences are also mixed, performing classical music through her flute playing, and progressive rock through her vocal performances. Both her music interests and her performance experience allow her to draw from a wide range of influences and techniques, which allow her lessons to be well rounded, and her students to be exposed to many different musical ideas as they grow in their musicianship.

Lauren Duncan

Lauren Holly is a vocalist, pianist and guitarist, having recently graduated from JMC Academy with a Bachelor of Music. Currently, as well as working at Maxx Music, she is gigging around Sydney as a solo performer, and focusing on her song writing, which she gives workshops in at our Holiday programs. As an ex-student of Maxx Music, she has taken her studies with JMC and Maxx Music and crafted lessons that will have her students building up their skills in the best way possible. Stylistically, Lauren is into a wide range range of genres from Indie to Alt-Rock. Currently she is inspired by artists like Halsey, Dean

Lewis and Shawn Mendes. One of the most important things to her is that her students are playing the genres they love, and the songs that interest them. Lauren loves teaching because she’s showing her students new ways to play music as well as new ways to enjoy music.

Sean Oakes

Sean has been teaching guitar at Maxx Music for a few years, and always comes into work with a smile on his face. He has been guitar for a while and his interest spans over many different genres including surf rock, pop and folk. Sean also studies at Hillsong College, and has experience leading worship, songwriting and performing there, all of which are a great asset as a teacher. Sean really looks forward to that moment when the students nail the part they’ve been aiming for, and when they’ve discovered a real passion for music.

Steph Elsley

Steph is one of our new guitar teachers here at Maxx Music. After growing up seeing her grandfather run his own music studio, she learnt guitar from him and has developed a unique style of her own that collects from the different genres of music she likes, from folk, to jazz, to RnB. Steph is an encouraging teacher who is patient and understanding towards her students, and has never forgotten how exciting it can be learning your first chords. Steph also has experience in song writing and performance, and looks forward to sharing these skills with her students, as their musical journey progresses.